Ferret Slammed - Sunrise Ferreting 11

Athena the ferret takes a knock from a rabbit but continues to work the system.After throwing Athena off, the rabbit bolts and somehow manages to slip through the meshes of the net. This can happen with smaller rabbits but this one appeared to be fully grown.5:33 Clip of me 'peeing' the rabbits. Pressing on and around the bladder to drain the urine. If left it may taint the meat.--------------------------------------------------------------Tip jar / Contributewill go towards hunting equipment, ferret upkeep and filming/editing equipment.Facebook / contactrabbits are collected for food, for my ferrets and people. This is a free range meat, that has lived a free life. These rabbits will be controlled even without me. By taking them myself, the meat is used. Ferreting is an environmentally friendly method of harvesting free range meat.Rabbit control and the law -

Me: ...

Jami Bobby

I got cars

Local Sports fan Mike Hunt Jeremie Couture

I drafted A. Peterson in my fantasy football game!!!

Olivia Sui, 2019

Chris Sheridan

The left is ruining everything


Bonnie Smith

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Gunner Akku

2018? Really

A random girl On the internet

I have a feeling your boyfriend is a cancer they are manipulative


team coby all the way

Jacket :V

On map "Bank" is 3 masks. Dallas, Wolf and Chains

iiconic_Liza_ii Loßer

Why is this just like what mom’s Ex did..🖤😣😭😭😭

Eric Martin

This was made 10 years ago LOL 😂

Karina Rizqi Amalia



He has returned

De signz


Karlynn •-•

oh fucking dogs really? cmon its not funny.

P.S. I played Fortnite over the summer once, quitted to make sure I focused on my education more. It wasn’t that hard so- Yeah?

Corey Webb

Love the fortune cookie one


So nice to see they genuinely love and care about people and these kids you have to like this or else you don't have a heart

Muhammad Fauzan

every step you take, it cost $20 guys. $20

Adrian Stclair

really cool i havent seen the movie and i liked it 


Vn đâu roi

Skinny Penis

Anyone else want to comment “if I was the tiger I’d eat him alive” xD xD

Matthew LaRose

Get out of the bunker!

Ari Rodriguez


Eric Marengo

We love Ned


Heres A Tip: Hold The Move Button Down To Run!


I feel this video will hit millions of views, right now it’s about 500k, how about you?


Your lucky your wernt born in the future so you won't get cyber bullied

Kiera Ancheta

we all gotta love PEPPER PIG

Marshall Hodges

Who is watching in August 2017