Elite: Dangerous. Anaconda - Space Fortress. Review

All you need to know about beast called Anaconda ;)


will you make a vid showing that "secret annotation" if there even is one?

Hunter Heckber

go cubs go

New Gamer

To MrBeast nice job on hitting 20M subscribers!

Me: I lost my iPad from cracking it


The dog in GTA is taken from the Scottish tale of the Greyfriars Bobby, a dog ( Skye Terrier ) that would return to its masters grave everyday for 14 years in Edinburgh. Look it up, kinda sad.

Beckett Brubiks

my favorite was flapjack

Sandhya N

Where are the twins!?

Zw An

Spider man recognized.......daredevil. Please let this be a thing



Christian Gaming

2:20 ALL YOU WANNA DO IS GET TO THAT I loved the R6 Outbreak, and this is the GAME wich is the Outbreak

great comeback eva


stephen curry with the shot

Simon Lopez

There are red harlow references in campfire stories

Just Fishin


Fishy Ninja

Who's watching this in 2016?No one, gtfo kid no one wants u here, go finish ur homework. Stick with legos, play club penguin instead, or stay here and comment something about the video, and that means stop asking for likes on ur comment. Freaking 12 yr olds


Vote for panda

Some Mango

My great grandmother died when I was seven (2015) and my brother was 4 and my baby sister who was born recently never got to see her D:

Kurtis Myrlie

Congrats Garry😁😁😁😁😁😁😁


In BF Hardline,you can drive sofa in the game,This is a eater egg too,wasn't it?(sorry for my bad English)


Aha😂 great job

Cory: do it correct but says first try

Sandra Ho

I knew iiiiiiiiiit !!!!! The moment he said “everyone worship me” i knew it

Jacob bell

I just came here to see people cry about trees

The OG Currymuncher

Hey i weigh the same as you did when you were 13 and in 13 rn but it’s mainly muscle and im talk so I’m chill about it

bella ♡


Foghorn Leghorn

wow, that cats journal covered everything...

Mei Chip

You video is so damn pleasing

Diamondguy 7205

I have ocd I have to wank every day 19 times for exactly 12 minutes.

Dude perfect😎😎 I kinda regret doing