シマヘビ Elaphe quadrivirgata の共食い(Ⅰ)


Defy All Odds

these rookies sweeping the whole kpop population 🙌🔥❗


it wasn't it wasn't focused where the ball was going -_-


My friend told me yesterday that I should help and support my crush by choosing him a meaning in his life. Today I watched this video. I still don't know what should I do to help him. But I definitely feel something different. And I wanna help him more.

Jamie Britton


kyungmin son


peter carrier

HAHAHAHAHAHA brilliant, met a few of those HAHAHA, the decoy pond was ace

Grady Dunkin

That single piano note says more than the whole video

holden's dragon

that video was sick also what's that song called?

Wade R

I wish I could go there😩

Made laugh so hard I spilt my milk

whitney feinberg

4:36 87 cents wow a lot of money you are a millionaire!

please sub :(

Marquise Sweek

Malcom butler interception

Amanda Brown

0:54 cody’s laugh matches the rythym

Jeff Kaplan

im guessing germany will win

Dead 2017 Memes

so every black dragon is suddenly ender dragon?


So if I say "whos watchin in 2017" I can get likes?


Hey Guru, great video once again. Keep up the great work. Btw this isnt important but, showing some love from Portugal!

See, she was on blood thinners and was always breaking something. She broke her hip, and we took her to a hospital that we usually don't take her. The doctors were supposed to hold the surgery for after the effects of the blood thinners, but they did not wait. Me: :,)

Fatbowser Gaming

1:98 Cody awkward

Abomb Adrian

Cody: im going to launch this sky highRocket:*goes zero feet*Cody: am I a joke to you


People are giving me to much FL4K about who i wanna play first


eyyyy 7:52 almost missed it.

lenny dekkoune

Congrulation for the 100e vidéos !! :D


i hate fidget spinners.

varo alston panji

if you found a project zorgo channel do nit subscribe cuz they believe youtube has become too powerfull they've planned to hack YouTube and they preventing to get tons of subscriber and always remember Project zorgo Is Watching...

Charlie C

I found him once outside Whiterun - I had only just got the game and I had no idea what it was!

That one guy

Good video like always! :D

rocknrollLuxo r

Awesome dudes!

Chazz’s Channel

1:00 panda is being played by Tyler bc they dance the exact same

AM 73

Dude thats perfect! 😂