Dog saved from giant python.

Giant Python attack dog in Chiang Mai and nearly kill him, but people can rescue him.

Lush_ Slushi

Teacher: why are you laughing

Cm Gorgonia

Next video is about cooking kittens with a hint of a book


HA Infinite Warfare is on the coffin XD you just earned a subscription!


0:17 Elon Musk wearing Shaggy's clothing, we're doomed.

Luke Domingue

Do Tom Brady edition

Kendra Allen

I am so sorry for your loss. I could not ever imagine what you are going through. Just, stay strong. God has a plan, and he will work it out. For your good. I promise

Matthew Griffin

I’m the real winner. I’m not dizzy from watching this lol 😂

let's be nice let's be friends

this made me happy :) congrats James!!🙋🏽‍♀️😊


i think there is not ideology wich can stop the man or elite wich is at power to profite by the weak people

Robin Thomas

I will join

Tiffany Unicorn

I hope you get healthy soon


There's also a Desmond one one you get for 100%


Beginning Mom: we are too poor for her


She should clean it anyways cuz she is gross



Kyle Robinson



And then we wasn't the ceo anymore.

"HOW DARE YOU DISTURB ME!" sprays water gently

Patrick Harrison

2016! High five anyone?!

Baseball boy 72150

Panda ambush lol! 🐼😂

Stig Greiner

Song 8:00

Kush Suthar

I think it's a fake

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Tyler's new name is Tyhard

Red Trenedy

How is it 60fps?


Rob Kramer

i just got 67 on the new gameTyler try to beat that if you wont to try

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