Data Structures & Algorithms #1 - What Are Data Structures?

Data structures and algorithms tutorial #1 - let's go!Check out, a website for learning computer science concepts through solving problems: thanks to Brilliant for sponsoring this video.

Ni Mi

They should have added the fast eaters.Waiter comes in surprised. They say we need another round please.

Yellow Leo499

Plot Twist

Shashwat Mahindroo

I am sure Coby was paid for the baseball shot

Matthew Kuh

Disliked because you didn't make milk steak

Ben B

Best art in the videos so far, by far!

Caden Digby

im so fancy you already know

Louie Vincent Vincent

Hello I am 68th

The Nerd

Domino's vs Pizza Hut

Aristoteles Cortes

You ever past by Denton, TX


Sorry for my bad english i'm from finland

Charbel Mansour



I wanna see more views also nice profile pic


Ha. How times change.

Fahimah Adam

today's video please??!!! 😫


Idk why anyone’s surprised that they cheered the injury. Did the same exact thing to Indians pitcher Trevor Bauer when they found out that the stitches on his finger had ripped open. Shameful fan base, potential chip or not

Ezra Romanoff


Just me?

Kabul Afghanistan كابول افغانستان LOVE


Donuteater Gaming

Sugarbaby is important for the body!

Average Kitten

2:56 poopies?

Oil'Roy's Project Shop

For the scary noise he should have said "we are going clothes shopping in the mall" in his wife's voice


Frozen 2 trailer: I wakeNo mention of Elsa having a girlfriend: I sleep again

neki0 playz


Hi there

I feel like the music makes it even sadder

Dawood Mohammad

Damn I feel bad for him

OrangeCake 4 Life

I kinda wished my favourite singer would talk to me like that but it's almost impossible since I live basically half way across the world from them😥


haa gaayy!!

Thegpshow 2197

I’m really proud of this person (if they’re real) but.... AUTSUM IS NOT AN ILLNESS I know because I And a lot of my family members have it. However I do support having people be more aware of it so there is less discrimination, I support that for everyone weather they have autism or not

Kyle W

I know I'm really late but anyone here after saints got robbed?



The Jellyfish Jam

Tom Clancy just turned over in his grave.

NWM Soccer_Breezy


Reya Mathur

It's like someone just told my biopic except for the pug thing the whole thing is my story. I'm 15 and went through depression in high school twice. I went out for help but as she said they think as a 15 year old you can't go through this and all bullshit. I mean I swear it takes a lot of guts and your whole body's strength to keep on moving with the broken. One day I was about to do suicide, I was whole....Almost prepared for it but then a inner voice deep down inside me said "hey, what r u doing? Is this what you didn't gave up for so long? Is this how you wanna leave an impression on world? Just think of your father and the thing he went through (some family story), did he gave up when that happened? No! He didn't but he kept on moving because he wanted to leave a good impression on his kids so take him as an inspiration and carry on moving." I'm so glad for that inner voice till now. I first had depression when I was 13 and then when I was 15 (gonna turn 16 in 2 months). Before that when I was 10 or 11 I thought about suicide for the first time. But now I'm so thankful for people around me and specially ME!!! I am so proud of me already cause I didn't gave up and trying to achieve my dream to the hardest. Thank you so much for reading this till here and remember that giving up was, is and never will be an option, you got to still fight for what you want every single day of your life so just don't give up. Cause giving up on something means giving up on yourself and you deep down somewhere know that you don't wanna do it.


"This is gonna be the 9 million hit on youtube shot" well it has9 million views...


This is a thing. It’s called CONVERSATIONS.

Erin Tyson

Maranda Lambert

The Little Madden Fan

Red soxs

Jimmy Shi

Degen parents in a nutshell

Ford Mustang

Model rocket batlle 3 please