Cython: Blend the Best of Python and C++ | SciPy 2015 Tutorial | Kurt Smith

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Chopper 6 down

James Sorce

The chocolate mini parfait

brian guridi

Entre el auto tune y esa manera de cantar como si le faltaran los dientes apenas se logra entender algo , dios mio como puede ser que este flaco cante

J. Tré Wilbanks

So MewTwo = Ahnold and Ditto = Danny Devito?

Rainbow Flower

It's so true!!!! Flashbacks of walking to school with my dad omg! 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

Colourful Reality

I didn't understand the story at first, but when I watched the whole thing Im like holy shxt that is horror I can't believe OCD can do such a thing to humans

Richard Moody

Isn’t she broke?

liedo yeehaw

omg when she named allergies, astma, exzema depression anxiety etc- I STARTED PANICKING SO HARD CUS SAME

Super Detka

So you are sad that you don’t have hair and you are okay with your cancer

xStarx CR

Is it me or a lot of comments have over 100 likes?


Th was fuckin crazy holy shit!!!

litty show


Huynh Nguyen

1:37 ông nón tím bị quê

Stefan Oosthuizen


Adrian Ibarra

Good job. He’s stopping those damn plankton cartels

Nico Tentoni

What motorcycle ride Panda?

Connie: "Under the counter, Stupid!" LOL

but I have had the same life as you and I’m in a beautiful and caring


Man I really love your videos with the music on the background.


I have anxiety too

Akira Sparkles

Tbh I can’t keep my damn mouth shut when I come to telling my mom things so I would have said something most of the time she doesn’t get mad

Eli Grant

U should have interviewed Andre ingudala

Jon Anderson

Mine was 62

Prince Vegeta

3:34 What a shock

Leah Becerra

Y'all try a lot of times to keep making shots and then y'all make videos cause y'all tried a lot to make them

Jason Rannebarger

Being a snowboarder I think this vid is great!

Declan Yang

Is the cat a panda substitute or something can’t remember the wordBet the name is pandaBtw I mean can you tell us the name?


So how about that Johnny manziel

Hudson Williamson

Hudson HornetThat's amazing how you throw the ball through the 2 CARS!!


i've never laughed at harry this much in my life


fucked up by the rap cut sceens :/

Bhanuka Sachith

poor coby