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Wait, so did Lilith get an arrow to the knee?!


Man really said gaming is getting expensive I need a new head set and a UPGRADED CHARGER like who tf needs a upgraded charger

Mondo Mola

You are insane

Arpan H10

Now do these catches with a Cricket Ball....( Book a hospital bed beforehand😂✌️🏼)

Joshua Dabrowski

Y'all are so thoughtful


omg thats so sad good job on finding them but wtf this doesn't really change the environment like BF4 

Ahmed Karkouri


Egzon Shehu

@hondahp18The reason why the guy didn't have his pink hat on because that was their second attempt to make the shot so the guy might have took his pink hat off the second attempt


Fortnite is dying ya know. Me: * slowly drags bag of chips away*

Eric D.

where's the part where he drinks too much and is a major letdown?


What is the name of the song that starts at 1:18 ?That song is like the best ever

Pawarit TV


Galman Ferguson

Luke is laughing??? Someone actually makes him laugh???????

Athena Cajeta

Me to I live in the Philippines in Ozamiz, Mindanao

Alexandre123 Junior

Hi dudes i am a brazillian fan and i like you guys soo much and i have 10 years In august

Guts Likes It In The Ass

LoL how could i have not noticed the Irish Pub easter egg

Shadow Wolf doggo

It says fuck war

devro gaming

Damn this shit smooth

V-alicia-V Am

I wanna do one of these challenges I need money


This made me cry 😢


Im introvert whenever I’m assigned to work in groups in my head I’m like, “i would rather die”..... xD

Mary Light

Even as a partial introvert, I'd feel horrible as a friend to just ignore them all the time- how rude & mean! :-(


Great video Guru as usual! I think this video will go viral!



I love you jungkook 😍


no offence to you ty but at 4:37 pause and look at his left toe


black ops's secters are sucks..

Pelumi Fagbayide

Why would 7000 people dislike this

Hockey Brothers

2:25 Garrett take on baseball ⚾️ man

Wild 100z

"These 💊s Beatin Me😬 Feel Like My 🖤 Gone Jump Thru My Shirt" 🔥🔥🔥

Harshith mb



amazing ^^


Wowtyler your amazing

Dapper Magikarp

It’s not anonymous’ fault that she bullied her. It’s her friend Rebecca fault. She pushed her into being a bully and spread lies about Mary.

pixzal man 3625

Making food


what happens when you use voltar ?


Mario HR


Kali Jones

They are just so funny and the absolute best ever it is my DREAM to meet them

AsianisLife :_:

Is this even a real life story? Looks like an Asian drama

One Hit Destroyer

You guys have a DOG??!!

killthisart animations

My life is over

Itz crizpy’s Revenge

Dude perfect head quarters

Crystal Dominique

Thank you Lord!!! 💞💞😘😘

Shu Kurenai

Coby you are my hero

Judah Benhur

3:41 most epic squirt i have seen....i want to do this, but i have 4 slipped discs and a stomach of gas.

Bhavik Lodha

how many retakes did you guys needed....!!

ur.Hairline1212 Yadirah

The story of my life