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Crystal Davisx

This should be titled:


YAAAY pizza truck and A113 !!!! <3

gabe jacob

i hope this mean we can get fancy gear ups (in addition to the ones mentioned).

Brandon Oteiza

Thanks, i think but i know the 50% of the easter egg :)

Roisin Lavery

the song was mario

Kid Gamer

Where's Garett??????

Jayen March

I do trick shots at school from half court with one hand

I'm patato master

You cant bebelieve anything on the internet children 👌

TehRedWings Bro

please do far cry 3 blood dragon ive already seen 2 easter eggs one of skyrim and one of terminator!

James Marshall

I vote power rangers to win

Skylar Willow

That so sad

Noor fatima

The best MV i have seen in my life...this is a perfect mv and perfect video....👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

Now watch me nae nae

LIE'lah 1989

"Damn i wish nip and fats was here how u die thirty something after banging all them years" i like how he used nipseys verse breaks my heart to hear his name in it 😥

Aarav Gandbhir

They're gifted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hey Guru, I have an easter egg if you haven't done a video on it yet. In Fallout 4 in the Far Harbor DLC there is a bowling alley. In the ally there is a terminal with a list of bowling teams. One of which is the holy rollers a reference to the simpsons. If have done a video on it I'm sorry for giving you something you already knew.


The tiana piranhas HAHAH

DiAngelo Arauz

like si estas de antes del millon

IMB 34

Who else knew that guillermos net worth is $2 million and his yearly salary is $500k since 2003.. he has made 9 million already by just doing hilarious and weird things and especially trolling LeBron James.

Koko Mmc

not even a mma fan like that, mad respect for both of them


I was going to watch porn but then a new vid by FunWithGuru showed up




Disney, please please, PLEASE, make a live action Finding Nemo?

I get a txt in my phone saying “hello Eireyn just to let you know Kayla has died in her sleep I can tell how upset you might be so we are letting you come to the funeral” then it cuts to me after the funeral with a gun in my hand and I say “Dont leave me” then I hear a click and it blacks out.

Nikki Gulayan

Minute Videos: I fell in love at 3

Evli ve Oyuncu

İ always wonder, who finds these easter eggs? I mean some of them may be easy to find but catch a phrase from a movie???

Rosar 6

Ese es mi equipo favorito


The rat was the easter egg..

Wait no srry

Tyge Blomquist

you need more baseball videos they are my favorite

Panicking at falling chemical pilots

I'm still waiting for my parents to come back from the gas station, but don't worry it's only been 14 years

2cool4moto XD

Love how all ksi can say is i am rich


Ty I installed the dude perfect 2

Arsh Agrawal

I don't think they use basic equations of physics before throwing the ballIt's bcoz of there practice it goes to the right placeI like there work

Noah Johnson


Fear God


imtryone bxtch

film in the Seattle spaceneedle

brynn herman

Not to be rude but I kinda like canada better but USA'sjust as good

I hop in foreigns for my boys who took a ride in that hearse

Kgm - Gaming

That's fake because a panda would have got k.o. From the traculiser dart

Range Productions

You are the best Jimmy Kimmel Sir. I love you.


one of the things revealing some jokes are the reactions: What if previous scientists achieved a super Ditto and tried to use that Ditto's copying ability to make another Mew by mimicking it.

Teague Ricks

Months later and I just got knocked over by one of theseNow I have someone to blame for my ufo problems.....

Jasmine Roman

🥰As a mom of two she looks about 11 weeks🤰 so this many be a new years baby or close 🥳

jarrift piccini