CRAZY Kid Fishes Everglades on a Supercharged JETSKI!!! (20 miles deep) | Jiggin' With Jordan

In this video I decided to take the jets out in the middle of the everglades to catch some fish!! If you want to see more videos like this make sure to hit that like button! Interested In Trying MTB And Saving Some Cash???"Use the code JORDAN to take $10.00 off your first order from Mystery Tackle Box. Click the link to learn more about Mystery Tackle Box"Favorite Rods I Use:White Bird Rod: Summit Rod: Rod: Sexy: Phantom: I Wear:Glasses: Equipment used:Gopro Camera: Gopro Mic: Camera: Camera Lens: Camera Mic: Diffuser: Subscribe here!! My Instagram! out my MERCH!! out my HYDE VEST! Business Inquiries ONLY Please Email: Jiggin With Jordan:I search for River Treasure in some of the most beautiful places in the world! My friends and I dive down and look for lost valuables and try to get the items back to the owner! We clean up all the trash we find along the way! Join me on all my adventures here on YouTube!!CRAZY Kid Fishes Everglades on a Supercharged JETSKI!!! (20 miles deep) "Jiggin With Jordan"With Jordan

Cold Groovie

This gon be lit when they perform this live! “I SIGNED MY DEATH NOTE, WHATS HOPE!!!” 🔥🔥🔥

Valeria Hoyos

reads title

Victor vera

I'm disappointed you didn't add Dutch jumping from the cliff with Arthur and asking the same words when he killed himself

illuminati forever

im early guru hmu


Owen Nichols

Yo ma ma so ugly even one direction went the other direction

First leaving your wife and get someone new, just to see that you still love her😑

R U Sirius

Apparently Gone Home, Bioshock, and Firewatch are all in the same universe.

Hunter Bodanza

0:30Elsa fucking dies



JayDog 7172

This kid has a future!

The Lonely Dragon

?9102 enoynA

Random DIY

Her voice sounds so much like an actual girl but I thought he was gay? No offence.

Mike Rich

Simon reminds me of whis from dragon ball super

Tiemen Weistra

A Nice Keanu pushing the transhumanism agenda... the satanic bastards at at it again


Your videos always have the best music. Where do you usually find the music for them?

Le Khoi

Có ai nv ko

Pugsly 33

Do It From top of burj khalifa In dubai:)

Miro Schneiter

I like how when you do the wadsworth thing it skips to the wadsworth.. :D

Spaceman Stew

I remember you having like 20 thousand subs and I knew that you would eventually get popular . I'd take this over idiots like pewdiepie and every minecraft lets player.

melody eary



I hate the replay people

Tống Hoàng Nam

Do you make a living out of youtube?

xuyen tran

My favorite trick shot was the "Twin Shot" because I love twins. Although, I don't have a twin.

Stella Manafis

Way can'twe see pandas face😢😭


Parties of one ain't really that bad... At least everyone gets the jokes!

Katie Porter

freaking love the magazine with Freddie on it😂😂

No pe

3:16 unsubbed

Maddi-Chook Yarrow

I feel like the mini is similar to the huda beauty palate but the shades come out how their supposed to!!!! Love love love xxx


I'm surprised you didn't mention the fairy fountain song being used in the film either, I fondly remember that when I saw the film in theaters haha

Gustav nymoen

I was crying for you❤️💕💕



anne sanjuan

alright watchdogs! time to redeem yourself!

Nat Smith


louidjy louis

tehy be having too much fun

Cahyadi AL-AZzam

1 trending in Indonesia🔥😵


thanks for understanding

jjfrancis aying

Team coby and cory

Parker Briggs

Anyone else tired of Tyler winning

Gui Soares



Me: Honey, be thankful that you aren't gonna die.

Sporty Dude


Arno Avsec

now 2019 they do shit