Concentration \ Programming Music 0100 (Part 4)

Here's the 4th list in the, I guess you could call it, a series? Ha!! Anyways, I hope this list works for you gals and guys!ATTENTION: I DO NOT own any of the MUSICAL content NOR the IMAGE in this video! This channel is not monetized so I do not make anything off of other's work. These music compilations are only to assist others and boost productivity in work, studies, and various other activities. No copyright infringement is meant!! If your work is featured in the video and you would like it to be removed, just shoot me an email at: Thanks!I encourage listeners to further explore the works of those featured in this video. They are great composers!If you've not listened to the first 3 lists, the links are following:List 1: 2: 3: parts 1-4 here:I make nothing from these list, if you'd like to contribute Bitcoin (BTC), use the following string to my wallet :)13nxxKnzcTfB65Nb5TH73wbog7yCZ6P2cfHere's the track list for this video:0:00:00Track #1 - The Machine - Tom Raybould0:02:03"The Swarm" - Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare OST0:06:03"Stratosphere" - S1gns of L1fe0:13:24"Everything is Unique (Nothing is Perfect Part 2)" - MogueHeart0:20:03"LZ Epsilon" - Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare OST0:23:23"Shanghai Infiltration" - Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Double Agent0:28:12"Power Curve (Clark Remix)" - Driveclub0:33:22"I'm Sam Bell Too" - Moon OST - Clint Mansell0:35:36"We're Not Programs, Gerty, We're People" - Moon OST - Clint Mansell0:38:08"Proxy" - Captain Panic! & Systek0:46:40"The Swarm" - Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare OST0:48:48"Journey Into Madness" - Farcry 3 OST - Brian Tyler0:51:36"Biocentric" - S1gns of L1fe0:59:16"Cold Storm" - Stealth Music - xArcticxSilence1:03:26"Pause Menu Theme" - Splinter Cell Conviction OST1:07:29"Verdens Største Satellit" - Lauge & Baba Gnohm1:17:10"Urban" - Stealth Music - xArcticxSilence1:21:26"Pause Menu Theme" - Splinter Cell Blacklist OST1:29:06"Heat" - Farcry 3 OST - Brian Tyler1:32:24"Sandals" - Periphery / Four Seconds AgoHope you've enjoyed :)


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Oh my god, those Bad Company Easter Eggs. Is this a hint at Bad Company 3? I mean if they still have the voice actors with them then they must be thinking of doing another one.

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