CATCHING SNAKES!! (Snake bites my Face!)

SUBSCRIBE!! - Join Berk as he sets out to see what snakes he can find in the hot Arizona desert!! Check out what he comes across!Comment down bellow if YOU were able to spot the snake in the photo! If you are the first one to comment the name and the location of the snake in the photo, we will pin your comment!CLICK THE BELL - Don't miss out when our new videos come out! Click the bell so you will get a notification when our next video comes out.Catch it:Check out Berks Instagram!out Jeff's Instagram!out these field guides! Music Credit: Bensound

A1 Marine

Nice i pho--- o uhh nive android?

cattingtonheartrise iceruff

your body is not a machine. your body is REAL and ALIVE

Śäkūrå - Çhãń さくら!

Wow. If his mom doesn’t want to make her son happy, then she doesn’t love him that much.

Johannes Mäkilä

So they haven't forgotten FF8 after all.

Tarik Uske

Sorry but its fake

Lucas Barrand

3:05The Christmas Story

kalim salam

UPDATE!!!! Im looking for the dp football merch!!


You should switch out the music you used, for the x-files theme. XD

John Sebastian Mancilla

You missed an Easter egg!!

ravi austen

ty had a crush on serena back then

AssasinNub Graal

I became my worst enemy

George thethird

Is it just me or is it hard not to sit through this and cringe....

ME !

The music in the background gave me chills.....


Bring Wolverine in this please somehow don't care

DZ Funktional

i has shepard skyrim reference i used to be commander shepard but the i took an airlock to the normandy "Javik not again" XD

Marios Pertsinidis

Animal abusion 😱😱😱

Daniel Snyder

@RONYKStick actually theyve already had analyzers check all their videos and stuff and theyve been on the news for being REAL... so yeah its not an aimbot..

Laner BF

My favorite baseball team is the Pittsburgh Pirates.

And does shadow warrior always had a naked 2D anime characters cuz....

AwesomeGamerGirl -AGG

I live there in Puerto Rico 💗

Jenna R.

Sunny is my favorite but this was downright nauseating 😆

midoriya's freckles

tom holland is a gift to this world

Nayma Jaber

Why was Marco wearing air forces for the scale. That’s cheating

Some yt

Ha ha h a

Jacob L

I really like you narrating the video, it makes the video so much more engaging and entertaining. :)

wolli wobbel

1:40, there is also a dragunov up there

Kevin Brown

The cat's name is moose



Tide Pride


Sriram P

Praise the Yankees

Hi Noah Adamah

I told my mom I have depression and she said "if you want to die go die"