Burmese pythons! Growth rate and various life stages!

Let's take a look at the growth rate of some burmese pythons, and how I feel they should be raised.Check out our website and other social


The hardest thing about cancer isn’t what it does to you it’s what it does to the ones who care about you


This sounds like thatcherjoe to me

Carson Metcalf

The end was funny


Good.... a 200 pound man full sprint flying through the air slamming into people. Clearly Lowry isn't a smart man.

konken san

I just.... I don't know.. I wouldnt like to be immortal but yet.. I.. I am scared of life and death in the same time. I cant explain it :-(

Uzi Esparza

Did dice make mirrors edge?

xX Justin Xx

Hey guru,do you what the game with the dog & rabbit that are detectives is called? It's a point & click game. I can't remember the name.

irma kasstkina

You have brader

Fernan Cambronero


Rianmed Gaming

From now they are way better

enZo Panda


ppl who protect her I hope he has a bad day.

Happy Player

You guys put in so much effort in you vids👏👏👏👏👏

Nadya !!

this is like detroit the game

suga honey ice taee

Is this thai ?


This is the worst of anything.


This 'n' that

Glass. Glass should be a target.

Valentorre_ 44

How long will it have been delayed in this??


lmao I just saw it too.....

Erik Glesne

yall the idea of the donkey frantically trying to respond to emails is sending me

Sahij Mavi

Packers and Rodgers are the best

Moonlight and Wolfy10

I’m glad I clicked on this!

Baliaris Rivera


Traci Lee

Panda da

Me: and I oop

The Guy

13 bounce

BFizzy Gaming

Song- Legend by The Score

isaac Bluer 16

2019 anyone?

Crazy Sasha

Next do panda édition.

Seth Patmore

This also isn't the first time we've seen dittos imitate humans. In Pokémon Ultra Sun/ Ultra Moon one of the side quests is finding the ditto impersonating city residents in Konikoni City


8:32 For those of you on mobile, there is an annotation over it saying, "100% not needed"

Austin Bihlman

Amazing very awesome the coolest thing iv'e ever seen so far on YouTube

bear dog

Garret's amacing fall!😂🤣😂😂😂

¡We got it, guys, we got it, guys!

Jacob McCallough

Do a soccer face off

Trent 7-1

Sounds like Jaden animations

Blake Hyma

Lions fan forever!


When I first played the campaign of MW3, I wasn't to enthralled in it, I didn't really care if Makarov died or not, but after that scene, I really wanted to see him dead, that shit had me fucked up, it hit way too close to home for me

Hazeem Ahamd

Anyone know the song at the end?

Anindya Singh

Pls send me any of ur merchandise



Watch them singing at the end!

Mushi Mello

I’ve never swam a mile but I have swam 1km

Ethan The man

If you didn’t know this already then you don’t deserve to say your a Pokémon fan.

Jeffrey Rechtsteiner

Love dalls cowboys

Wade until they getta load of me

Don't give away my mask. He can't handle the hidden cocaine.

Oliver Verner

There isn't a single DP member that looks the same as they do now



Human_dude816 Human

Wish I had a dad 😢