Bringing Home a New Bird | What Day One With a New Bird Looks Like!!!

My friend Patty adopted Morgan, a 7 yr old camelot macaw with a foot defect.Her toe had to be amputated since Patty adopted her because of how "jelly" it was - bending this way and that. You can read Morgan's full story here; functional in helping her climb, she can hold SOME things in it, and she can move the toes. Morgan has never been trained before so I will sharing my world of training with her. My goal: to free flight train her for outdoors so she can fly with MY Camelot macaws! Note: Morgan had full blood work done and went through a 30-day in home quarantine before meeting my birds. Morgan's playlist can be found here; I hope you will follow our journey! Catch her on live videos on our facebook page; and follow her on our blog at'S FINALE: by: Day 1 outside (Idaho): Free flying her in Salt Flats + Moab: and A CONSULT WITH ME ▶ 🌿ALL NATURAL PARROT TOYS ▶ 🌱WHAT TO FEED A PARROT ▶ 🐦DIY PARROT TRAINING ▶ FOLLOW ME ON…INSTAGRAM | TWITTER | FACEBOOK | PATREON | AMAZON | WEBSITE/BLOG | TO SEND MAIL 📬JAMIELEIGH217 CEDAR STREET #401 SANDPOINT, ID 83864🐦🐦🐦WHICH BIRDS ARE ACTUALLY MINE?🐦🐦🐦(Oldest to Youngest) Female Galah | BONDI (bond-eye) | hatched 2005Female Congo African Grey | CRESSI | hatched 2007Male Galah | BANDIT BOY | hatched 2008Male Blue Throated Macaw | JINX | hatched 2008Male Camelot Macaws | COMET & TUSA | hatched 2008Male Toco Toucan | ROCKO | hatched 2011Female Sun Conures | LILY & PHOEBE & DETKA (dee-et-ka) | hatched 2011POPULAR PLAYLISTS💚Bird Tricks Tuesdays (will get you started in parrot training) ➡ 💚The Morgan Series (the story of a handicapped 7 year old macaw who learned to fly) ➡ 💚Storm The Interrupting Parrot (a 45 year old obese blue fronted amazon who learned to free fly in 45 days!) ➡ 💚Rasta Series (how to work with terrified birds without force) ➡ 💚Bird Trips (the amazing adventures of what it is to free fly a parrot outside!) ➡ 💚Parrot Training Workshops + Masterclasses (see bird owners from all over learn how to communicate with their parrots for the first time!) ➡ 💚One Day Miracles (see parrot transformations over the course of ONE day with us!) ➡ 👩 ABOUT ME 👩I married a magician who is also a bird trainer and now we travel the world together doing what we love with who we love, and spreading what we love. We do everything from fundraising magic shows for any good cause, parrot training workshops and masterclasses, consultations (in home and over video-chat and phone) - anything to spread the art of magic and the knowledge of clearly communicating better with the animals in our lives. CHANNEL KEYWORDS #morganthemacaw #camelotmacaw #reddominantmacaw #birdtricks #animalchannel #petparrots #flighttraining #freeflight #freestyleflyersclub #parrottraining #birdtraining#exoticpets #cutepets #parrottrainers #parrottrainer #parrots #birds #pets #howtovideos #edutainment #animaltraining #performingwithparrots#animaltransformations #familyfriendlyparrot

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