Breaking Code - For Loops (

Check out the free intro to Python course using EarSketch on Code is where we explore all of the different ways our code can throw an error.Errors in coding are feedback that helps you correct the code and learn more about coding in the process. Without errors, our programs would mysteriously fail. With errors, we can find the root causes and fix the problems. With that said, watch this video on breaking code and finding common errors with for loops in Python.For more free tutorial videos on using Python and EarSketch to make music, go to MC is an 8-week, 12 hour introduction to computer programming ideally suited for middle school to high school students (ages 12-18) who have learned basic computer programming concepts in elementary school.Check out the free course on the discussion: us on Twitter @PythonMc

Teddy Conway

It was nice to see Brody

I can't read this!

Layne Duran

another good video bro. keep it up!✌👌

KetchupThe Artist

I only came here for Serena, them dudes scream too much, they're too extra

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I love the way you edit your videos. seriously

Cyrus Kleckner

Both songs are trash but I cant say that because it's apparently illegal to have your own opinion on mumble rap

Jasmine Kachur

J-Fred said we each get 10 eggs while the screen says 20 eggs 😂

Cara Lewis

Can't relate at all I was always wanting to be sexually active after I'd been with someone for a little while and I loved them I don't see the issue it's just sex 😂

I wish no one will have this and she is super brave!! I would be crying ..

Christine Jacobs

Come to Gardner ks

Peyton Gomez

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It’s Me Kalle bou

Chandler y won’t let u win!!!!!!!!!! 😔


Seriously....Ty....Always. This channel is getting boring for YOUR info.

Zach Duke

3:10 Don't mess with Garrret


also in the mario world area there is a secret room in the back that you can only reach by jumping on to the top of the level

Bob Cat

you guy rock ☺


I feel like boby can see throw the dizzy glass

Jessica Quinonez

Kristin: mouth covered in rib sauce "is there ribs all over my face?"

Dåkøtå Wølvëš

Stupid drunk drivers😡😡😡😡😡😡

You eat to live and you live to eat

Kremit The Phrog

2nd song is up on the rooftop

Abdirahman Ali

the two wheeler

Jorge Asecas

No simpsons easter egg? :(

Keelin Wallace

Y’all should bring Emma to the warehouse.

Lauri Lehmussaari


Orange Sloth27

Do a zoo edition 😁

And those bully’s are of course, the sans fangirls

VFX Gamer

I think unused is kinda the wrong word....

Anitha Ancelen

I love ruffles

Some guy

I’m sorry ty but if it is a European game it’s called football

Odilo Aventis

Eiffel tower

SnowMan45 12

It would be tough to put the cups up over and over again.🤭

Ron Playz

Sub to my channel


Good vid guru i know there haven't been many worth while easter eggs lately so have you though about doing top 10 glitches or bugs in games

Alya Gemstone


Mason H

Wtf was that intro😂😂😂 i wanna know the song to that shit.

Tyler Gilbertson

It is a subway sandwich

No joke my parents are divorced and I’m kinda broken and anxious

If you separate one part a bit Emma: yeah

shadow killer 34

didn't you all ready upload this video


Is gold and blue an option?


Wow,now that is pretty old footage,y’all look so young and hardcore dudes....!


Take #3929493 YEAAAAHHH!!!! Soooo awesome!! Skillz bruh!!!

Alec Mercier


Rat-man Horvath

Is it just me or did I see a troll face on the blue screen at 1:00?