Biggest Python Snake Kills and Swallows Deer - Giant Anaconda | Most Amazing Wild Animals

Elliot Pham

Nice touch with avatar, my friend

Ashu Gupta

why captain die😭😢😭😢😭😢😭

bad idea

I clicked knowing it WASNT gonna be the way it seemed

Rock Universe Gaming

Dont suck.

Rockies 16

3:55 ty peaking

Blaze Panda

All I could here in the background was “ OOOOOOHHHHHH” lol🤪

Knotty Bow

Considering the division takes place in New York, I expecter there to be a Daredevil easter egg

rockstarkanish Kanish

Did he really throw the tv 📺 out the window what the heck

Brandon Grutsch

team panda

Miss Starr

I am never trusting a single fucking man again after all I've been through . fuck relationships . I'll just deal with my loneliness. I don't care anymore

Now that was a good reference to the original.

Eric Cartman

I too stood up to a bully

Lord Savage

The tee ball


The animation Disney pulls off always takes my breath away.

Zunyi Yang

Board Game Stereotypes?

Abdullah Humayoun

When the green T shirt guy rage monster pull a blue shirt guy and threw him in the water and his head almost hit the wood

"I’m speaking of the pursuit of excellence in all things. All things! Presence of mind and devotion to craft. A great artist has these. A great chef. A great master of tea. There’s powerful kung fu in a well-built house or an eloquent letter, but the limit of your imagination is bones breaking and bullets flying." Coby-double

Mario Zabala

This video really shows how guru is an editing god, keep up the good work!

the L

Beat my meat if you dare

Matthew Harris

What is it with NY and aircrafts?!

Rogers Pictures

i seen this easter egg before but now i stop playing it 4:27

Stuart Matthis

Would not buy a used car from this person or let it babysit a family member.


Why need tissue in porn?

Hashirama Amlan

Masterpiece ❤️

Flowered Sentiments

im not sure who i am, i think avoidant tho; my mom is always here for me, kind and generous, but at the same time always needs to be in control, she always tells me what to do, what she belives to be the best for me, its annyoing sometimes cause i wanna choose for myself. she also is afraid of losing me, like when im out alone or with friends she calls me often - shes codependent, which ended up making me codepended of her too - i have social anxiety, i am so used for her to solve all my problems for me i get anxious solving them myself, i unconciously wait for her to do stuff for me. my father was rather absent. he was at home but distant. my parents never seem affectionate to each other, my mother tried but he always pulled away (also cheats), i guess from him i have this distance towards ppl. hes also pity with money, he never liked buying stuff for me, he cared more about his savings than doing something fun with us. going to a park like disney land or smth, its something we rarely did. now im 20, parents divorced but i chose to live with my mom. still i feel like i have so many emotional isues idk how to solve them


you did a great job BUT...... you forgot a easy easter egg. the prisoner that stops you from entering right after the black mask part and says "i got my eye on you, BANG" is the villain Deadshot. you run into deadshot later in the game in an optional mission.

Benjamin Carlson

Awwwww C'mon. I mean it is cool that they put Easter eggs in, but does everyone of them aside from the PS3 have to be Uncharted/Nauty Dog? I mean add some other games or movies in there.

Beauii Daciouss

0:09 coby the copycat

Behold_ Rebecca

Can I just say that this coloring is spectacular 😍

Elliot The Wolfie

Do a Wolfenstien New Order easter egg!

Unacell Ular

Do it for the gram, hollagram, hologram


Durant wouldve signed onto another team that night if Raptors won this game.

Ragnhild Griego

Aww so cute. ❤Ashannie

Cesar Daniel Ujueta

lol 69

Magdum Mohamed Muhammad Izzadeen

with leo messi

Please wake up and spread the word and do your own research, stop believing others

Jessica Eggers

I think the electric transmission was a picture of the moon.

Amouse26771 -

Garret sucks at kicking a soccer ball

Joe Samels

Swished it!