I was a happy witness of this funny little elephant in Tarangire National Park (Tanzania, Africa), as the elephant came to scratch its bum on a nice rock, to its surprise, it wasn't the only one enjoying the rocks.It spots her, she spot it, It's fright at first sight!

Bet you never saw this username before

I knew this was gonna be a DID story

XxgachalifeXx nicole

I will watch this movie in the morning

Gacha life Lover

The is always a rage monster

Claudia Zuniga

Hello John pay it


Anyone else watching in 2016



Whatdo i need to search to find guru's profile picture on google i really want as a wallpaper

Ahamed Irfan

90 percent of challange was won by ty he's so lucky

Menames Wicked

Tell Harry to upload!


Weird flex but ok

art club

make a school stereotypes

Arianne D. J


Roxie Freifeld

the dunk tank one was fake. slow it down and see that it doesn't hit the button

Itz Chr0nos!

ooooo it’s Jeff bezboi

Couldn't she have stayed with your grandparents or something?

Eli Everhard

In the second challenge I forgot they were blindfolded and I thought they were just really clumsy


I feel bad for you

Kody Buffett-Wilson

Did Strafe refine the core gameplay because I heard it was mediocre at launch but it's got the best Easter eggs I've seen in years.


is this a story of shamima begum?

Petra The Prettiest

22:33 I already know they were thinking: 100 percent something Emma would do

YourName Games

this video is VERY GOOD SHIT

Non of that hacky "hey there youtube! It's your favorite gamer!" Bullshit


one size, fits all! It's a 2. I can't

Gee Cole

in this track Lil tjay > gunna& lilbaby

Robert Mason

At the beginning I was so cunfused about what was going on...