Baby Bison Takes on Wolf and Wins | America's National Parks

After being swept away from his herd while crossing the Lamar River, a bison calf defies all odds in order to survive.➡ Subscribe: Get More America’s National Parks: #Bison #ComebackStoryAbout America’s National Parks:America’s National Parks fascinate millions of visitors. This spectacular series will show you what happens beyond the lookouts. More than 3 years in the making will enable the audience to witness moments full of drama, watch stories of life and death and discover hidden gems they never believed could be found in a place they thought they knew. Follow us on an epic journey from the geysers of Yellowstone to the rugged Pacific coast of the Olympic peninsula, from the hot desert of Saguaro to the icy Gates of the Arctic, from the subtropical sea of grass in the Everglades to the world-famous peaks of Yosemite and from the mystic Smoky Mountains to the biggest gorge on Earth: the Grand Canyon. America’s National Park made for the Centennial of the National Park Service and brought to you by National Geographic will present you North America’s natural wonders as you have never experienced them before.Get More National Geographic:Official Site: National Geographic:National Geographic is the world's premium destination for science, exploration, and adventure. Through their world-class scientists, photographers, journalists, and filmmakers, Nat Geo gets you closer to the stories that matter and past the edge of what's possible.Baby Bison Takes on Wolf and Wins | America's National ParksGeographic

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Wow! Talos Principe has a lot of easter eggs!

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there is actualy sand castle, he just didnt show it, its on playground in operation metro, i thing its when you play rush mode its on b or a at first part of map

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Sister trio??

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Thank god there was an arrow for the number one mistake. I didn't see the cameraman at first.


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Do you find your Easter eggs yourself?

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Still shook about the way the background music transitions to the Frozen theme.. Hsjehdr

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Guru, the amount of work and effort you put into your vids are astounding

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great easter egg for Unity!! thanks

A Real Job

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NASA says "may increase"; this report changes it to "will likely increase." The projected rising sea level increase is in millimeters, while meteorologists are lucky to get a three-day forecast half right. Admit it: Climate change Henny Pennys just want higher taxes which will be used to line their own pockets. Here's a much less expensive solution: Move out of the flood zone.

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