ASMR - Basics of Python, Coding Lesson

Hey guys, sorry if this isn't very good. I've taken a few programming college classes but I'm definitely not a professional. Anyway, hope this helped at least. Download Python: (Text Editor): I Wrote:Blue Yeti Okay, I think that's all. Tell me if you enjoyed this and maybe I'll make a second part to this story.

Edward Jung

Dude Perfect = Dead


witcher 2 easter egg made me laughing guess they'll never learn reference to when you synchronize in the eagle spot and jump to the bushes maybe? so in real you'll die and they'll never learn

Gus Becker

Roger Federer

Justin Stergar



i god damn love these vids

Nap Dagdagan

Fake laughing intensifies


It's the high to low to high

Devang Sharma



i died in fortnite without my permission


rip shifty man :(

hoytie2003 BATMAN


Akuei Alith

why do people care about weight too much and diets has long you are you.

Fritz Kato

Almost shed a tear to this

Dan Mayer

nice guys this is really awesome

👇hit that


i guess one of the bounty hunter's targets was in the fence

josheeboy :v

Cuánta suerte tienen esos tipos :/


Where is this place at?

Cat Arya D

I KNEW you would make an appearance on The Chef Show. I mean, it has an episode on the cake!

TheGreatOrGood Studios

Great editing my lad


WTF?! Shotgun shot :-D

Sasha Guin

I would of been so heartbroken forever 😫.

Ava Chris

If it was a white player that got that little shove, nobody would be saying shite rn including the dumbass media ppl💀🙃

I still think MGS has enough Easter Eggs to make a Top 20, but this was a great video anyways! Good job, Guru :3


hey, i love the music in all of your videos! its very relaxing, do you have a playlist anywhere that i could listen to lots of it?