A Sea Turtle Named Tortilla Has A Buoyancy Issue | Evan Goes Wild: Passion and Purpose

Dr. Evan travels to Tahiti to check up on a few turtles, including one with a cracked shell who can’t find its balance in the water.Stream Full Episodes of Evan Goes Wild:to Animal Planet:us on Facebook:Animal Planet on Twitter:Animal Planet on Instagram:

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👨🏿‍🦰 What is wrong with these guys? Who beats up girls? A future wife beater that’s who. And this is the third video on this channel where teachers didn’t do shit like what is this? 😂 Get Ms. Carter from the previous video that had Mia and she’ll actually do something. These teachers have no shame. Bet you that teacher wasn’t an A+ student so she sympathized with the bullies. This thug and his gang literally broke her wrists to the point she needed surgery 👨🏿‍🦰.