Apostle John Eckhardt | Mass Deliverance 2005

Apostle Eckhardt cast out demons from A-Z in this Thanksgiving 2005 service. Please exercise wisdom when listening. If you begin to manifest at work or on public transportation, you are on your own. Visit to learn more.

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RC shot


Savage Shuaib

FunWithGuru is the best easter eggs finder . Like if u agree

Galaxia The Wonder

Makes wonder I’m missing..! Help. 😂

Oliver Lee



6:47 Hahahha lol

There Creepers

シNEON_ sukhraj

1:34 garret how u feelin?Garret: I feel like I have bubble gum diabetes

keroYoGo !

I mean if you really want or need to send stuff like that, don't show your face duh!

LaToya Wrestleology

I bet Captain America is not dead.

Haven Wilson


Rangkam Chaga

So called football the American play is played by ✋😂😂😂😂

Dalin Zwart

My mom was kicked in her stomach until she was bleeding and she needed to shower while everyone could see her. 😔 I am really proud of her because she went through a lot (she had kind of the same story as yours but then she was abused by her stepfather) and she can still make sure I don’t miss anything in my life. She was in a hospital around 1985-1990, so maybe it changed a lot?

Daniel Andy

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crackhead tingz

I can 99% relate to this girl.. i see myself in her

Nicole Rutledge

There is no sow sowed in space because the moon has no amisfeer


Love the vids, can't stand the shit music.

Muhammed Asif

yes no i could comment why are you putting pics the channelACTUALLY HAPPENED is way better then this channel but still any ways i a sad about your story

Olquis Rodriguez

Eso está bien bueno, saludos

Infinite Times And DemonicMidnightYT

Is the colors Billie Ellish Blue hair,LOTS OF YELLOW

Did anyone catch that at all?

Ivana Talar

Who else after watching them eat chocolate grenades made you eat at least 1chocolate barbtw2019.

kyle clark

panda in the backround lol


om i love the art style

Benjamin LaVallie

2 thessalonians chapter 1 verse 9 who shall be punished with everlasting destruction from the presence of the lord and from the glory of his power

Austin Loduha

i love do it for the gram

Parker D


jordan o'brien

2018?? January 1st happy New Year

Mr. McFliggerNuggets


ryan marke

cory said the sh word

Habibo Ali

Those bit**

Dis I Like!

wolf_gamer Romero

Bro this shit fake look when tje ball comes down at 3:44 Tyler pulls his hand it has a string on it 👿👿


I don’t think your her best friend if you bully them, asshole and I couldn’t give a shit if u forgave ur still and idiot

Lisandro Q

Guru, I can't tell you I know how difficult it must be to make one video but, your effort to entertain us shows something. I think we should all be applauding you.


Bro I was just goin for sleep when that in black ops happened. I got so fckin scared

giovanni flores

Shit son I looked how long it took and damn 30 minutes

Veera Ronkainen

So that means the "helper" girl is a COPYCAT???

Dude Perfect

Which one was your favorite?

Adriel Frederick

that amara ending pose👌

Egbert van der Meer

Congratulations on 30m subs!



Gman Davis

It was a nice,video but I’m a blues fan

Chandmala Shrestha Maskey

Very........ nice video

Ryan Jones

Garrett had the best fail

bryan rayas

The guy was wet before he went for the shot so it took him lots of times to make it and look at the tables they are dirty from all the times he tried to do it like if u think this is true.

Il- Ameron -lI



Cool video as always Guru :)

Szabó Bence

Do whatever you would like to, because all of your fans know that you make only quality edited, totally enjoyable videos ^^

Daniela Sierra

Donde vive dg


they take these shots mulitple time there real but you dont see all there trys