There are a lot of scary river monsters in the amazon, but the one that can turn almost any man into a crying baby, is the one they call the river stingray…. HERE IS SOME EXTRA INFO ON HOW MUCH IT HURTS The rays often sting on the feet or lower third of the leg. The wounds are deep and wide; torn tissue is already painful, independent of the venom action. Only a few minutes later, five to ten or even more, symptoms start to manifest. Initially, there are very strong cramps extending to the base of the injured limb, which sometimes are generalized. The injured limb is immobilized in flexion and painful contractures begin; suffering becomes intolerable and the patient cannot stop screaming. The pain persists in the same intensity for ten or twenty hours and then slowly attenuates, but only disappears a few days later. Shortly after the accident, the injured area begins to burn, turns hot and red, and the sensation is often accompanied by blood suffusion. In general these wounds are poorly cared, which leads to lymphangitis and adenitis. Later, the necrotic tissues are detached due to ulcers, causing in many cases spontaneous amputation of toes, feet or hands. Healing always takes a long period. Besides the pain, general symptoms appear to be, generally, unimportant” NOW BACK TO THE STORY Fresh water river stingrays come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and there is very little scientific classification on which one is which. Today, I’m deep on the Amazon with Douglas Stone, an avid amazon fisherman who has just hooked a stingray. Doug’s going to pull it in for a closer look…. Doug there we go, also known in Brazil as a wish you were dead fish… because if you get stung by one, you’ll wish you were dead… River Stingrays are believed to have once been salt water stingrays from the ocean. scietists believe the species we find here today, swam into the Amazon river and slowly adapted to the fresh water.I’ve heard tales of men catching freshwater stingrays up to 25 kilos or about 55 Pounds, but for the most part, the ones I see are roughly the same size as the one Doug just caught. Now here’s a look at some of the other amazing creatures you can see in this series.

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Me: my mom is in Colorado and my dad went shopping .-.


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