Alligator eats Python 05, Time Lapse Speed x0.5

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Bruce Lyon

and my sons name is sawyer

James Newson

Dude perfect i can do stuff like yall can i be apart of dude perfect 😉😅

Danny Bourlokas

the office is missing a hot tub

Ignacio Chavez

LiL skies juice world Ian Dior dr lyrcial lemonade

Mister Judge

Somebody, tell me what's Dear Esther about

Wioletta Przybylska

Kto z polski

Carmen Sandiego


Connor Moody

Where can i get the whistler?

Xord Slays

im the smmugler

Jack Mulock

We have some bad news, dude perfect made a song

Sebastian Weber

serious sam

Rocco Lewis

I love Dale . jr NASCAR



Sumit Kumar's like demonic ritual

Mharionn Gutierrez

That was awesome i like dp

Chris brown:hold my beer


I'll miss you Guru...


That’s deep that the girl had to deal that at such a young age

Mrs Me

I’m in foster care right don’t feel nice

Kishinuma Ayumi

why does she only have one style of a top?

Ashley Ruberry

Stop the RAGE

Jason Bulleye

It's realy great job what youve done here. You only forgot the Outlaws one, where you could find a golden Idol. But still it's really nice. Keep working up Guru :D

Keith Rosenthal

Unbelievable!!! Great video guys!!!!!

Kowloon Beats

@FunWithGuru Nice video you beauty! Just bought NV and then you upload this! Thank you!

Ariel Bujnowski

You did the right thing for helping this young woman and her baby.

Danny Golden

Hope you won the dance competition

Fabrizzio Caniglia

Omg, that ending man

abd aziz

isnt it that mr sunsreen being raicis

explosions gone wild

secret song call of duty black ops 1 zombies


0:15 his face

'Cause I don't wanna (No) play no games, play no games

Phil Dog

Wait, that's it? Really? That's all we're getting?

Ali Katsianis

You are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

稀Rare III

I have longer legs, does that mean i have tremendous speed and momentum? Talking about traveling 110 miles per hour just by walking.

Jake Mazariegos

I felt that pain in my ear and it just knock me out and I'm 11 so it has been 3 weeks and it hasn't happened


needs some ORIGINAL easter egg

Giojey 24


Vincent Ulloa

Come to Richmond VA


What shotguns were used in this video they had no recoil


man your channel is awesome, if only you could add a voice to your top tens. so one dosent ahve to pause the video, read and then watch.

Dawer iftikhar

Now how wants Tony and khabib Fight

Jana Said

WHY???? Why this scene isn't in the movie?????? THE BEST SCENE!!!!

Breonna Pace

Before i moved here around 4 years ago at my old school my bully tried to push me into the mud. I brought her down me. She also made fun of me and my friends and a lot of other stuff. But the next year she ran up and gave me a HUG saying how much she missed me. Later I found out that her crush was watching and she tried to impress him. Her crush was my best friend. I told him everything and the next day he asked me to be his GF right in front of her! You should have seen her face.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

William Bosch

I believed that Coby would get his first win

chrystal gopal

we love and support you for your vision


whatever happened to your wipeout series?


Wow hahaha