Alligator Attacks Python Time Lapse 01

Website 01: 02: Alligators are opportunistic feeders and have been know to prey on the invasive Burmese Python in South Florida. Regardless, killing an adult python is not an easy task even for Florida’s top predators. Alligators in general ambush their prey than dragging it into the deep water and drowning it. These killing technic doesn’t work alway, in particular if the water level is too low. The burmese python is able to avoid being drowned by keeping its head above the water. Every so often the alligator will try to brake the python’s neck by vigorously shaking it. Braking the prey’s neck might be an effective method to kill mammals and birds but it certainly won’t do much harm to the python in this case. Alligators have no problem crashing the hard shell of turtles but bitting through the tough python skin is a different matter. Nevertheless, the alligator’s bite force of 2000 pound per square inch will cause internal injuries on which the constrictor might die eventually. Alligator Attacks Burmese Python was filmed by Heiko Kiera aka Ojatro in Florida in 2013.

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What was I suppose to see on Numver 5?

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2019 March madness lol

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Pause at 1:01. Also, who's watching after September of 2018

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Theres a Easter egg when doing the thieves guild job that requires you to poison the brewery. There's madman in the basement who has tamed Skeevers (basically rats) to exact his vengeance and he's called Hamelin (the pied piper of hamelin) can also find a flute on the table.

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Hulk got smashed lol

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Reminds me of my sister and her husband.They are always in problems. Her husband almost died.Thank God he didn't. I hope he'll not die and I'm very sorry about the girl!😢(The girl who told the story in this video)

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I want Tyler to be the one chosen in the segment wheel unfortunate

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I knew they would do it eventually. This was my favorite and my first FF game. I can’t wait to boot it up on the Switch!

I have only one question-the name of the track in the first easter egg,whrn the burning rabbit starts to chase you.Does anybody know?Please text me.thx.


U r the best Easter egg finder EVER!!!

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Knights of Columbus Dale

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I thought he would have a ring and the c-d would be in a mans voice from the band saying will you marry me


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Funwithguru, you're the only one I trust with Easter eggs. I would really love to see the Easter eggs of Goat simulator or talon principle, since they have some quite enjoyable Easter eggs, of course if you don't want to do them that's fine, but you are doing an amazing job! (^v^)

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Ok so I think the plot will be after BOTW's events. Zelda link and the others sense evil coming from the basement of the castle. Zelda and link go to investigate to see that the seal (that blue hand) is slowly breaking. The hand lets loose because of the evil coming from Gannon is too powerful. Link learns that he can wield this power and does so to try and defend zelda. But zelda is wisked away. And link is pushed off the edge but seal hand saves him. And takes him out of the basement before Gannon tries to kill him.

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