All About UML Activity Diagrams

Learn everything you ever wanted to know about UML activity diagrams. What are they, why use them, common symbols and elements, and more. Read more here:

Nagavalli Dinesh kumar

My high score is 19


0:58 and A- is good wth


Abstergo is everywhere... xD


Detroit and Dallas are both in nfc they can’t meat in nfl

Bassachusettes Fever

Sorry July 2018

The Travel Cat

Me: reads title

Landen Stinnett

Lol they think there Cam Newton...

Simeon Raszka



Btw Recommend by YouTube



Dennis Williams

(Somebody pray for me cause I couldn't been a slave) did he refuse to sell his soul and know they will come for him? Interesting, but maybe I'm over thinking the verse.

Razan Salih

I was born 2 months early, almost died, and nearly killed my mom

kadir girgenç

Ah be abicim sen o götü kaldırıp nasıl atlayacan ordan

Stop deleting innocent meme pages

not actually happend

A Nicerocker

that ending doe

Charlie Southwell

2018 anyone

Russell !!

Do water balloon battle

I love you jungkook 😍



Amiyah K

You’re a gem 💎


I want to get MGS5 but there's no release date, so I want to get game for the mean time. Is this game worth it or should I get a different game?

TTV smilezz -

For some reason I think that they always let ty win

Braden Cleveland

yo i am late but go check out their fidget spinner my favorite

cryo_ dragon

I love the rattle snake bites


Tell Jim to fuck off and throw the cold coffee on his face! Lol jk

JR Nickels



I just realized, Kermit is like my little brother used to be! I love him and he is my favorite brother, but due to his Down’s syndrome he just didn’t understand that when it was someone else’s birthday it was their birthday and their day, he got all whiny and sad. He’s better now that he’s older and has learned, but Kermit totally reminds me of how he used to be 😂 (this isn’t anything against anyone with Down’s syndrome, I love down’s kids!)

Димон Бро

Это реальный аксель???????????

Bryony Crowther

Billy has the Best finishing pose for sure sorry ty

Clementine Marsh

OMFG i almost lost it when they made fun of the dubble ranbow guy! lol (the first one.)


Evelyn Tentions

11:30 God?

Lauren Dunleavy



Gonna watch these movies again now

Lucaz 37

The Texas Christmas is true in my countryBtw I don’t live in Texas


The story behind the teddy bears almost made me cry,may she rest in peace :(

syl ey

Merry Christmas

Be skinny to get friends.


When do we get a FunWithGuru music playlist? Your music choices are 10/10.

Bharathi Shan

i feel very bad for you, nobody should have to go through that let alone at the age of three!!

Mary Sebastian

The dude perfect symbol looks like up

Dylan Thomas

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Jenius -

D Russell

саня 11

Я один русскийи смотрю их

Divinerampd Lol