AI Series (Simple Bot 8): Give the bots a life span

In this video we give our bots a life span so that they will eventually pass away. We also create a world class to combine the two managers.

Monty's Wild World

You sound like a girl

عبدالملك سلطان

Arbic plezzz

Hopeless minecraft girl

Im talkative timmy😂😂😂 i just talk to anybody i see


Make a panda edition vid


This person has a good taste in music. xD

Lemoonday :D

i remember Mr bean

Katelyn Cipher666

relatable.. i also like to feel the adrenaline, The thrill of cops chasing you. Bringing a knife in your hand as people watched in fear. HA. but those are still just dreams for a kid like me...

Jessie Studio

Wow this is so true this made me sadder

Adrian Travé Garcia

hey guru, I think I've found a new EE in GTA V Perfect perfect

Harrison Smith

philly chese steak burger

Nicco DiChicco Nicco DiChicco

What's the babies name

Putrick Stir

In the borderlands 2 Easter egg of lord of the rings, do you have to start over if you die while carrying the gear?

Luke Responso

Dang, I'm in love with the muuusic 😍 So excited for this especially that it'll be released near my birthday!!! Idk if it's coincidence, but it's previous movie was released near my birthday as well. Lol

Yan Zakusilo

nice drone

Andrew Chester

Why did he have a flamethrower


The cats name is alfie

At least that's what i'm thinking when looking at the maker's previous work.

Кокоиновая Фея

Dark theme

PC: Yes

Aidan Voorn

That was unfortunate?That’s my childhood dream

Mindy Hampton

My favorite was the first bottle flip.

Angela Garrett


irgi samsung

Wehere its

Gachawolf. xxx

This is why i only wear one pieces

The distraction

wut rly

Why does it have to be fake?

Tom Holloway

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Don Diego

Why so dark?

Gaming boiboi

Wow, thats a twist, real twisty...

Ahmad Khan

Whats the name of song in last


Ezekiel Elliot looks like an Ewok



The Squirrel

The gta 4 Easter egg is why I love Rockstar

Zirui Li

Guru keep doing wat you been doing!! Your are awesome!

Veronica Galvez

Anna and elsa have powers


forced unleashed clone

Charles Altman

team ty